Organic Plus Trust Inc.

The Organic Plus Trust Inc., (“OPT”) is a new “public benefit” company, with Organic and Trust at its center. Our charter dedicates OPT to benefitting public health by expanding the existing federal organic production and handling standards and the related verification tools, to meet evolving business and consumer preferences.


Organic farming practices transformed agriculture and together with organic handling and product design, transformed the world of food. The existing organic practices are OPT’s conformance baseline. But organic practices are continually evolving. OPT cooperatively develops new farm-level standards, post-harvest standards, and standards of identity for processed products that expand, strengthen and capture the evolution of organic requirements in every area impacted by organic principles.


The USDA Organic seal is a shared brand built on consumer preferences and trust. The backbone of organic trust is the federal, third-party certification requirement. We believe consumers rightfully hold every organic farm, business and product to that trust baseline. But many organic farmers and businesses and their consumers hold organic to emerging and higher baselines than the federal certification program can or will. OPT exists for the higher-baseline consumer and the farmers and businesses that seek them. OPT raises the trust baseline by working with the existing system of federal certifying bodies and giving them innovative tools for assuring product compliance.


The OPT’s Certified Grass-Fed Organic Livestock Program™ is our first. It sets the first national standard for grass-fed, organic dairy and meat production. It also sets the first end to end, full-third party certification for the entire supply chain, including all handling of certified products. Organic. Trust. Grass-Fed. A new national program.

Look for the OPT Seal on our Partner’s Products

You can find products that meet the OPT Certified Grass-Fed Organic Livestock Program™ standards by looking for our Seal. See our partners.